i (i) wrote,

Amazon Advertising Update

So a while back, I posted this, sort of complaining, but really wondering whether a few dollars spent was worth having thousands of people see my book, 150 click on it, and none buy it. I decided that it probably was.

A few days ago, I changed the small amount of text that goes along with the sponsored Ad and ran a new campaign. Again, a lot of people saw it before anyone clicked, but the first one who did bought a paperback. The other thing that happened was that Amazon started showing my book at a greater rate. I now, after less than a week, have more impressions than I did in the entire month leading up to Christmas. Whether the increased exposure leads to more clicks and sales remains to be seen, but if it does, and they continue to up my exposure with every sale, that could bode well.

This also may be my first sale to someone who doesn't know me, although I'm not positive.

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