i (i) wrote,

my interests babelized

Arizona, the art, that cockburn had crossed of brushes, buffy, the
calexico, the Calvin and hobbes, the throat of chelly, the caves, you
damage, coffee, color, cribbage, the retruécanos, the words, those,
the crystals crossed and of that one cuddling, of there, the bowie of
David, broad completely, the dance, to give here ignition, the work,
dinosaurs, c6aes, farbelism, of history emersione doonesbury, the
enigma, and, to go, great throat, Kirchhoefe, magnified Guinness and,
who hummingbirds, the flowers of the irony,

i particularly like "the crystals crossed and of that one cuddling" and "magnified guinness"
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