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i'm listening to for the fourth time in a row. this is an absolutely wonderful piece of music. even though there are thirteen tracks listed, it is one continuous journey through landscapes of sound and passionate lyrics. a while back i asked if anyone else was a fan of the eighties band Red Box. not surprisingly, no-one had even heard of them. i used to go into the local music store and buy tapes based solely on the cover, band name and song titles. i was amazingly successful at finding unusual and high quality sounds this way. red box was one of the best. definitely eighties, in a bouncy pop sort of way, they nonetheless sound like no-one else from the decade. they had a couple of top ten hits in britain, but little success here. their first album, titled The Circle and The Square, was the one that i bought. I never knew they had recorded a second until i found a few cuts from it on the evil Napster. The RIAA evidently didn't think these guys were worth promoting. You can't buy either of the first two anymore, although if you look, you can find most of them online. SPA is the latest project from Red Box frontman Simon Toulson-Clarke. you can still identify his unique voice and phrasing, but this is a very current work, recognizeable as belonging in the contemporary pop/dance genre, but, like his earlier work, somehow different and, in my opinion more substantial. you will not find this CD in the states. i ordered it from a company in germany (not the one linked to under the pic), but it cost the same including postage as it would have here in a store. needless to say, i highly recomment it, and, if you happen across a vinyl copy of The Circle and The Square, snatch that up too.

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