i (i) wrote,

after my visit to the dam, i headed south on 93. i pulled off at a turnout where i had seen a trailhead on my way north. you may not be able to read the sign in the first photo, but it says "Mohave Lake 2.8m" i had a full gallon of water, so i went for it. i had finished half of my water and was already tired before i reached the lake (which is actually the colorado River at that point), but i went on anyway. remember that i had to repeat the whole trip uphill after i turned around. i had intended to go for a skinny dip when i got to the river, but i found a family there who had boated up from willow springs. nice folks, they gave me a bottle of Propel and replenished my water. as it turned out, i didn't need the extra water. a gallon would have been just enough, but boy was the hike back out murderous! fortunately the canyon was serpentine enough that there was frequent shade from the midday sun. i rested a lot, sprawling on my back on the sand at one point for about 15 minutes. early on the trip back up, i encountered a couple of ridiculously fit people on their way down. it was kind of nice to know that someone would find my comatose self if i didn't make it. fortunately there was no need for an air-evac.although part of the reason it was so difficult is the soft sand, i found my limit, and it is nowhere near what it used to be. i am out of shape and 40 pounds overweight. this will be dealt with pronto! i did manage to pick up everyone else's trash on my way out and arrived at my truck with a bulging bag of cans and bottles.

a dragons egg, 8' across and embedded in volcanic rock

my disk was full at this point, so the last picture is looking from the river back at the mouth of the canyon. i knew i could make it, but i knew it would be torture. i have no regrets and will do it again.


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