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really really cheap art

ok, here's the deal. i have a lot of old paintings lying around from the eighties and nineties. there is nothing wrong with them. actually, i like some of them a lot. they are taking up space, however, and i am not interested in hanging them anywhere once i start showing my work again. consequently, they are going to end up rolled up in a corner somewhere waiting for posterity to kick in. that seems like a waste, so i am going to sell them off at cost, more or less. i figure the materials for an average painting cost me between 50 and 100 bucks, so if anyone wants one of these, i will roll it up and stick it in a tube and mail it to you, suitable for restretching, framing, or upholstering your ottoman with. any takers? if so, i'll post pics of the paintings with their itty bitty prices.
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