August 3rd, 2000


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took the day off today to get pita a bath and flea/tic treatment. was going to get her shots, but if i wait til sunday, i'll save about 35 bucks. she seems pretty content so far. i'm keeping her outside for now. my house is just not dog friendly. i did clean up the yard and the porch for her though, so now she has a nice clean shady place to sleep.

tomorrow night, i go to tucson to prep the walls of the epic cafe where i will be hanging some paintings for 6 weeks or so. then i go to consult with my tattoo artist on the further adventures of my arms. maybe i'll put up a scan when he's finished. my other arm is going to be one of my paintings, so that one will definitely be posted and also on my site.

saturday night, i go see calexico perform!!! that will be a great show. i have a "date" with an ex girlfriend. we'll see how that goes.