August 19th, 2000


(no subject)

what a grueling week! 80 hrs in 5 1/2 days. i am completely drained. i was working in el centro again, which is just as hot as here, but three times as humid. the neighbors took care of pita, and she played with their dog every day, so she is fine, if a bit needy for attention. i sometimes feel bad about making her an outside dog, but my house, and my cleaning habits just are not dog friendly, if you know what i mean. maybe when i move. i intend to divest myself of a lot of "things" when i move. live a bit more spartan lifestyle. that should facilitate a doggie under foot. :)zuul is back, which is a relief, i was a bit worried about him. he always sounde so close to the edge, you know, i never know quite how much salt to take with him. well, must catch up on anarchy and utb. later