September 24th, 2000


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Just back from the semi-annual meeting of all the caving grottos in AZ. Met tons of good folks, including a couple of Grand Canyon river runners that i was able to reminisce with, and one guy who actually knows where Ekalaka, Montana is, and has been there! On the way up, I was crossing a normally dry wash that happened to have water in it. I looked over, and standing in the middle of the stream was a large black dog barking at a cow that was also in the stream and facing it. For some reason I found this hilarious, and then two minutes later, I was crossing the spot where I had the accident, and crying my eyes out. I think that driving past the spot did give me some closure. I said some things that I needed to say to Pita. Camping was wonderful, if a bit nippy. I didn't get underground this time, because my arm was hurting and I didn't want to be a liability in the cave, but I did some good socializing, hiked around, and found some crystals on the ground. All in all a nice break. Oh, and by the way, when elk are horny they make some really weird noises, all night long they were sqealing at each other on the mountain. It's been a good wildlife week for me, two ringtailed cats, which I had never seen before, a huge bobcat, only the second I have seen, lots of deer, including two tiny fawns, and squealing elk. Some kind of butterfly or moth is migrating today. I figure my truck alone killed several hundred. Multiply that by several hundred vehicles that travelled that stretch of road alone, add in the other highways in the area, and you have a lot of dead butterflies. Imagine how many must have survived across the rest of the state just because they weren't crossing a highway at the wrong time. Billions, I bet.
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