October 20th, 2000



1 - I don't think the government has any business telling a woman what to do with her body.

2 - I wish abortions never happened.

3 - I have participated in the decision to abort my child.

4 - I believe that at some point a fetus becomes a human being.

5 - I believe that beyond that point an abortion is murder.

6 - I do not know how to determine what that point is.

7 - I do not envy anyone who has to make the choice between the life of a woman and that of her child.

8 - I do not understand why someone can support the death penalty and oppose abortion.

9 - I also do not understand how someone can support abortion and oppose the death penalty.

10 - I wish that the energy expended on opposing abortion would be channelled instead into promoting adoption.

11 - I am really really glad that RU486 has been approved.

12 - I will never participate in another abortion willingly.

13 - I would have a 15 year old child right now.

14 - I can only imagine the emotional upheaval a woman must go through in order to make that decision and live with it.

15 - I believe that abortion is wrong

16 - I believe that abortion must remain legal

17 - I believe that abortion kills a baby

18 - I believe that abortion must remain safe

19 - I believe that there is always another choice

20 - I wonder why so many abortion opponents also oppose sex education and birth control?

21 - My mother could have had an abortion
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