November 9th, 2000


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everyone who has been even vaguely paying attention here, knows i am a bleeding heart, tree hugging liberal democrat for gore.

that said...there should not be a revote in any part of florida, even if the original vote was unfair, for the following reasons:

- the ballots were approved by a bi-partisan committee
- 15000 ballots were thrown out in the last election. the 19000 thrown out this time is proportional
- everyone got a sample ballot well in advance of the election and had plenty of time to figure it out
- there is no way to prove that confusion caused any errors because votes are private.
- most importantly, a revote would be even more unfair, this time in gore's favor. most of nader's voters would change their votes to gore.

i still hope gore comes out ahead in the recount, which is possible since the largest counties, which take the longest to count, are predominately democratic. if this indeed happens, i will thoroughly enjoy watching the spokesmen for both campaigns switching horses in midstream. all of a sudden, bush people will be crying foul and challenging the process, and gore people will be cancelling lawsuits as fast as they can.
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