November 14th, 2000


nice dream

i was online shopping for images to use for an animated icon, but even though i was online, it was a real shop with a real shopkeeper, and he was my grandfather (dead several years). at some point i went from looking at images to looking at coins, and he started showing me all these rare quarters nickels and dimes with non-standard images on them. i was squinting to see them, so he said "you might as well take these too", and passed me a pair of reading glasses (yes, i wear them) that fold up to the size of the lens. that's all i remember, but its more than usual, and it left me with a warm feeling when i woke.
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people always tell me i should do this, or ask "why don't you do this". as an artist, i am very resistant to advice. i almost always shrug it off, sometimes with less manners than i would like. i do, however, listen, and good advice percolates around in that farbelized gray matter that passes for my brain. eventually, if the suggestion sticks around long enough, i act on it, usually with surprisingly good results. the broken windows series is a good example of this phenomenon. someone, i don't remember who, was watching me paint and asked why i never left a portion of the painting unpatterned. i remember the phrase, "it would be like a window onto your method". as is my wont, i poo pooed the idea, most likely with some spur of the moment philosophical gobbletygook, and set it to percolating. when i finally got around to the eight painting series, Broken Windows turned out to be some of my best work. belated thanks to whoever suggested it.

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