November 16th, 2000


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i've been getting these weird, intermittent pains in the back of my head, off to the right side, all day. they aren't bad, but i've never felt anything there before. it might be stress, but it's a little scary. i went for a hike for an hour today, and they went away for a while, which lends credence to the stress theory, and they aren't happening now. i hope they go away.

desert haiku

dry rock set in sand
heavy fall and winter rain
brilliant bouquet

now, i know that "brilliant" technically has only two syllables, but it almost sounds like three, and i liked the simplicity of "brilliant bouquet", rather than "brilliant spring bouquet".

i wonder...

how many of the millions of people who have left the welfare rolls have jobs now? how many are in jail? how many are standing on street corners?

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the storm rumbled in from the southwest
bounced off a couple of mountains
flooded a few washes
and then wandered off in search of
lower pressure