December 3rd, 2000


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a most studly pose, if i do say so, lol! my film ran out early, so you'll have to wait for my friend's black and whites to be developed for shots of the actual climb. the knob in the upper right is where we ended up.

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Cam advice, please

It has been suggested that i get a cam and set it up on whatever i happen to be painting at the moment. this is a great idea, but i have a lot of questions:

1 - what is a good moderately priced cam to get that will show fairly accurate color, and that i can take with me as a portable camera too?

2 - do i need special software?

3 - do i need to make special arrangements with the company that hosts my website?

4 - what about automatic refresh? streaming?

the alleged geeks at the local computer place couldn't answer any of this. help please!

from the "things that make you go hmmm" file

in arizona we have this pest called a white fly. i think it was brought in from california. it swarms at certain times of year and farmers hate it. you can tell when they are swarming by the tiny speckles that accumulate on your windshield when you drive down the road. consider these facts:

-my windshield is about 20"x50" for a total of 1000sq. inches.

-after a trip from tucson to phoenix, i calculated the number of whitefly spots at 10 per square inch, or 10,000.

-double that to include the rest of my truck, ad you get 20,000 dead whiteflies.

-a conservative estimate of 10,000 vehicles drive from tucson to phoenix or the other way each day, so now we are up to 200,000,000.

-if you add all the other roads through farm country, i think you can safely say that half a billion whiteflies meet their maker on the front of a car every day during their season.

-now the kicker. think about what a small percentage of the area is actually roads. how many whiteflies must there be swarming in arizona?