December 7th, 2000


i love this

from imtboo's journal:

It's when you stop looking for answers that things become clear. When you are in the moment and relax. When you go to school and notice the beautiful mountains with snow in the distance, when you have tons of stuff in your head but you are able to stop for one minute to look at them and say: this is beautiful. I live in a beautiful city. Then everything shifts. perception, interpretation,routine. Everything becomes a part of a whole/ the pieces in the puzzle all fit together and you know... somehow... that there is a reason why i am here on this earth. Nothing i could ever explain, probably nothing I will ever know. Something greater than myself. Greater than anything my mind can encompass or grasp. Something than perhaps some call transcendence. Or maybe it's just infinity....
Sleep peacefully and remember to let everything go before closing your eyes so that you may sleep and access that other world. The sublime world of dreams...

too many friends

now don't get all excited when you see you have been dropped from my friends list. it is getting really hard to keep up with everyone, so i am splitting you into two lists. everyone removed from this list will be added to the friends list of the new journal i just created, i_am_i. there won't be any entries on that one, only friends. this way if you all go wild posting one day, i don't miss a bunch of stuff, ok?

my memories of being 5

i lived in scotland that year.

other kids at school were beaten with a belt when they were bad, but not the yankee.

we played in a coalpile at recess

i wore a uniform

i wore a kilt once and HATED it

kennedy was shot and i saw my mother cry for the first time

i threw a rock at my friend who lived next door during a game and knocked him out

i forget the dog's name, but if you yelled "hoover!" she would come running to clean up whatever you had spilled.

we took a boat to and from scotland

my sister and i played some sort of game where a railing on the boat was a seahorse that we would ride.