December 21st, 2000


bush sets the tone for the next four years

for head of the environmental protection agency: the governor of NEW JERSEY. and just so i don't get accused of new jersey bashing, i grew up in essex county, which, thanks to industrial pollution, has one of the highest cancer rates in the world.

for secretary of commerce: the man who just raised 90 million dollars for the bush campaign, and 200 million for the gop from the corporations he will be regulating.

for secretary of education: the head of education in my home state of arizona who has led us decisively to the rear of the class on every front. even our local right wing talk show hosts are incredulous. (this one hasn't been finalized yet, cross your fingers)
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a cooler sort of quiz

a quiz stolen from bohunk by majorweather

What are you wearing? jeans and a brooklin maine sweatshirt

Is there a song that makes you want to jump around and sing off key really loudly? "Bouncing Round the Room," by Phish. i didn't have to change this one:)

Are there others? after a couple of beers, lots

What do you think of Tom Waits? what is he building in there?

If you had $5.35, a harmonica, and some gum in your pocket, what would you do with it? forget it was there and wash my pants, creating a new life form in the process.

Wine: red, white, or sangria? no quiero vino, quiero solamente negra modelo

What has been the most influential book in your life? the bible

Why? Because its tentacles reach into every crevice of our society, sometimes with good results, sometimes not.

Are any Rowdy Roddy Pieper movies worth watching? who?

If you had a mutant superpower, what kind of costume would you wear? i would go naked

Hot black rage or seething white intensity? purple passion

What could quench your insatiable appetite? true love

Could you blend in with the upper crust at a society function? Probably not

Would you want to? definitely not.

True or false: Leonard Cohen is boring. if he bores you, chances are we wouldn't get along.

Would you rather have people call you a hipster doofus or a swinging hepcat? i would rather they call me dave

If you could be a luscious piece of ass or brilliant and cute, which would you choose? the latter.

What’s your favorite breakfast? two eggs over easy, thick bacon, fresh salsa, home fries and COFFEE.

How would you define/explain your CD collection? large and diverse

Do you have a cell phone? three, all free with unlimited minutes.