January 3rd, 2001



i'll never be able to listen to that stones song in the same way again. the song is about endings, and when i think of you i think about beginnings.

the beginning of a love without boundaries and a life without walls

the beginning of an adventure, complete with rocky paths and slippery slopes, but also full of magnificent vistas, soaring flights, and quiet, peaceful glades.

the beginning of a path to wisdom that you have lit for me.

the beginning of a mystery which will never be solved, but which will be a joy to pursue.

Tha gaol agam ort-fhein
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joke of the day

this is kind of gender specific, but i think everyone will appreciate it, especially artists.


an artist dies and finds himself in a large room full of dead artists. in the center is a table full of drinks. he helps himself to a beer and wanders around meeting all of his idols. he is talking to van gogh, and realizes he needs to pee. he asks where the toilet is, and vincent gestures to the wall. all around the room it is lined with urinals. so he goes over, unzips, and like every guy does, looks down. there in the bottom of the urinal are a bunch of tiny people waving and saying "we'll be back..."