March 16th, 2001


i never remember my dreams. this is a partial

I am in NYC. I go into a store to buy a candy bar.. I have already picked one out when this woman with a bag of candy comes up trying to sell me one for charity. I say no thanks and buy the one I had.. Then I go over to where she is surrounded by a bunch of kids and give her all my change. At that point I realize she is really my friend from tucson, E, who got busted for drugs 12 years ago and just got out. So he and I and his friend are outside sitting on some grass talking, (by this time I'm suspicious that the whole candy for charity thing was a scam). They want to go smoke some pot. I say no thanks, i quit. then i say"We used to always go smoke..." and he finishes for me "...behind the old theater." Then I notice that his walking stick is broken. It has been repaired with blue electrical tape. So I ask him if he wasnts some more tape. "I even have blue." "Ok, sure", he says. I go to get some out of my truck, only to realize that it has been towed.. I go back all pissed off and bummed, because I have no money. I ask what number to call, and they tell me , also saying that the place is closed. Then E makes a joke that M, a girl I knew 20 years ago in NJ always gets her car back right away, but that I won't get mine until wednesday. I'm freaking out because I have to be back to work on Monday in Phoenix. At this point were inside and this really cute readhead (M was a readhead, and I think this was supposed to be her, but it doesn't look like her) comes down the stairs. She's teasing me or something about my situation. I'm sitting on the other side of a ditch, so I reach up and grab onto a rafter to swing over to the other side. She gets in the way, so I sort of wrestle her with my legs until I make it over. Then I wake up.
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on my desk

pc and printer
empty coffee cup
salt shaker
cell phone
several cd's
a bottle of lactase enzyme
picture hangers
bendable jack holding pita's dog tag
"maine housefly" made out of a mussel shell and pipe cleaners
a burger king milkshake toy with wheels
a few found rocks
rainbow postits
a leatherman
lots of paper stuff
a multiple sclerosis coupon book
my first poetry book
a jar of pennies
lots of change that didn't make it to the jar
a scanner
alarm clock
an organizer, lol!
a glasses case
a surge suppresser
a handful of sign hangers
another bottle of lactase enzyme
a cd label applier
cd label blanks
floppy disks
a tarot card (ten of wands)a watch
a nose and ear hair trimmer
seamusd's thesis
and whatever is buried under all that other stuff
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    deep purple - sail away