April 22nd, 2001



a couple of folks were concerned when i used "disconcerted" as my mood. this is possibly because the icon is crying, which doesn't really make sense. according to Merriam Webster, synonyms for disconcert are as follows:

Entry Word: disconcert
Function: vb
Related Word: bewilder, nonplus, perplex, puzzle
Text: Synonyms EMBARRASS, abash, confound, confuse, discomfit, discountenance, faze, rattle

so what i was trying to say was that i was a bit out of sync, discombobulated, as it were. i appreciate your concern, but it was misplaced.

new puter :)

intel pentium 4 1.3 gig processor
60 gb ultra dma hard drive
128 mb rdram memory
400mhz front end bus
12x max speed dvd rom
8x4x32x cdrw

in the immortal words of tim the tool man taylor, ahr ahr ahr!

too bad all of my favorites are gone from IE, and i'm not set up to receive email from my website yet. but all that will straighten out eventually. this computer will allow me to do a number of things, create, store, and burn my own music, set up my art-cam, and all kinds of artsy fartsy things much faster.

btw, my new AIM name is farbelist
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