May 28th, 2001


back in the saddle

WHEEEE! none of you have known me long enough to know this, but i have been in quite a slump creatively for over a year. i finished only a few small pieces last year. well, hang on to your britches, i am back with a vengeance! and a lion's share of the credit goes to my daily doodle project, which has become less than daily as my other creative endeavors are on the increase. you'll still see my little 15 minute playtime drawings when i don't have time for painting though, and i heartily recommend the same tonic for anyone else experiencing creative doldrums. 10 or 15 minutes a day is something we all have. those drawings were the perfect kickstart for the right side of my brain. if you are a writer with writers block, spend 15 minutes a day writing something easy and playful. it doesn't matter what it is, a haiku, a limerick, a snippet of conversation, a description of the sky, or something you saw, whatever. if you are a musician, pick up the instrument for a few minutes a day and just noodle around (that includes singers) once thoise creative synapses start firing on a regular basis, and you find all those unused memory engrams, magic happens!
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