June 3rd, 2001


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angie and i went to the Phx Art Museum today. they have a show built around Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera. You know, some of their work is OK, but without the personal soap opera to go with it, I'm not all that impressed. There was also a selection of work by other Mexican artists. A couple of them were outstanding, but by and large the show was not impressive. amateurish figures and ill-composed portraits just don't do it for me. I'd say that out of 30 or 40 pieces, there were maybe 10 that belonged on a wall, much less in a museum. come on guys, if you can't afford the good stuff, don't presume to do a show. and who cares if frida khalo did 12 identical self portraits of her converging eyebrows? just hang the two good paintings and forget all of those. i honestly don't get why she is such a big deal. i know twenty artists better than she.