June 20th, 2001


calling all techies, geeks, and anyone else smarter than me

very weird. when i go to the anarchy bbs, i get this message:
You are connecting from:

Unfortunately, due to the actions of a particular user, your domain has been banned from this option/site

now i know i haven't done anything to warrant this. so either something is wrong with the bbs, or somehow, that domain is using my computer. it happened to me yesterday too, but when i rebooted and cleared my temp files, the problem cleared. that didn't work today. any ideas?

little black sambo

this conversation reminded me that i inherited this from my grandparents when they died. reading back through it, i find it quite a stretch to find anything racist or offensive about it. ok, the characters are pitch black with red lips and big eyes with lots of white. but this is no more of a caricature than any cartoon of anyone of any race. the clothing they wear is typical for people of that time in africa. the story involves tigers and pancakes. where exactly is the problem here. it's a cute story about a kid who has an adventure with a bunch of tigers and eats a lot of pancakes. maybe it is the word black in his name? i just can't find anything derogatory here, and i am pretty sensitive to racism.
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back in the day

people used to say "thank you, come again" when you paid your bill at a store or a restaurant, and they actually meant it. that's because it makes sense. "thank you for spending your money here, come back and spend more". now they say "have a nice day" and it doesn't mean a thing. they don't give a shit if you have a nice day so long as they got your money and get more later. they only say it because its expected, kind of like turning on your blinker when you're already half way around the corner.
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