June 22nd, 2001


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quite often the road we choose to travel crests the top of a hill and we finds ourselves headed towards a completely different destination from the one we planned or expected. sometimes the road our companions are travelling diverges from our own on the way down into the valley. these are not necessarily bad occurences, so long as we have gained from our journey together. we are after all entering the same valley, and, who knows, our paths may converge again.

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world party

Who Are You?

Someone here ain't playing ball,
They seem to want a fight,
So you are in the battle zone
At six o'clock tonight.
As you're waiting in the airport,
You can phone your wife and kids,
But you can't tell them where you're off to
Cos' the newsman already did.
Gonna save truth and democracy
And try to stay alive;
Its the battle of the century,
Here's hoping you survive.

Its the pollen of destruction
From the battlefield of mutation,
Floating over on the Mistral
To the cities of the West.
Maybe sunspots cause the blindness,
Maybe someone crept up behind us,
Maybe something deep inside us
Wants the opposite of best.
When you look into the mirror
And you don't know who it is,
There's your neighbour in the background
Watching as you get undressed.

Some tactics on the TV.
Some talking in the street.
But I just can't stop hearing
All those angry marching feet.
Its the sound of something broken,
Its the noise that you should fix,
It is loud and it ain't joking,
It might blow you all to bits.
Its so hard to halt the panic,
Its our evolution bug,
Its the dust in all the cracks
That we have swept under the rug.

We're gonna mix our cold and hot meat,
Gonna find the barbecue,
Gonna rustle up some action,
Gonna taste the ethnic stew,
With a logo and a soundbite,
Take a nibble at the truth,
It is written on a missile
That is sticking through the roof,
Of a Muslim, or a Christian,
Or a Hindu, or a Jew,
It is proof we should forgive them
For they know not what they do.

Who's that in the hallway?
What's the message here?
Are we doing something special
Or just making it for beer?
Have we a purpose in the future?
Are we blasted by the pace?
If you open up the present
Will it go off in your face?
Time's a twisted little dancer,
You can't tell her what to do.
Are you the problem or the answer?
Tell me who are you?

Who are you?

Are you the problem or the answer?
Tell me
Who are you?

I said
Who are you?
Tell me
Who are you?
Tell me
Who are you?
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