July 6th, 2001


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my bio babelized
Used in Ekalaka, the operation of Montanas (angle of the Southeast) of
the phase lived the Phoenix, Arizona (defective-doing city of the use,
pretty condition) in Plentywood, Montana - Wishaw, Scozia - Montclair,
New Jersey - Putney, Vermontn - Burlington, Vermontn - Monks, glue of
Oregonportland - of the Iowa - Santo Francisco, California - packings
in the distance, California - Brooklyn, NY - Tucson, Arizona Lycée:
The university of Montclair of the school of the university of Putney
(one has gone away external of the given effect): ** Time-out **
Pratt to go university Vermontn institute (one external part to give
effect) church - in great KehleFaites art - because I always to select
in morning - because to be Voix - lu that I to have - less I to only
appreciate Chantez - to be only
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some friends are more stable than others (more babelizing)

interesting how some of my friends list is the same in every language.

3d_dreams, acadiabaird, acceded him, agentj, allyn, Ana, model
artistsway that loses e, of that blonnie, catch22, comm_news, vary
crazystraw, creature, cynnerth, degenuflections, the faces, fetik3,
fourswords, foxaz, gazabo, iamom, imtboo, in2oblivion, invisibella, to
the drilling hammer, jetson, jimmiebeeee, junkart, kiad, to ladyfire,
lianna, lj_maintenance, low_delta, MUSE of I MARK, more when
majorweather, masked_marvel, mdimauro, memory, mintygreen, of the
Scherflein, msfledermaus, MUSE, the message, to nightjar, ogre,
paidmembers, physics, more when pixelpusher, rainwaterglass,

my interests babelized

Arizona, the art, that cockburn had crossed of brushes, buffy, the
calexico, the Calvin and hobbes, the throat of chelly, the caves, you
damage, coffee, color, cribbage, the retruécanos, the words, those,
the crystals crossed and of that one cuddling, of there, the bowie of
David, broad completely, the dance, to give here ignition, the work,
dinosaurs, c6aes, farbelism, of history emersione doonesbury, the
enigma, and, to go, great throat, Kirchhoefe, magnified Guinness and,
who hummingbirds, the flowers of the irony,

i particularly like "the crystals crossed and of that one cuddling" and "magnified guinness"