August 5th, 2001



the wall on which the prophets wrote
is cracking at the seams
upon the instruments of death
the sunlight brightly gleams
when every man is torn apart
with nightmares and with dreams
will no one lay the laurel wreath
as silence drowns the screams

between the iron gates of fate
the seeds of time were sown
and watered by the deeds of those
who know and who are known
knowledge is a deadly friend
and no one sets the rules
the fate of all mankind i see
is in the hands of fools

confusion will be my epitaph
as i crawl a cracked and broken path
if we make it we can all sit back
and laugh
but i fear tomorrow i'll be crying
but i fear tomorrow i'll be crying

performed by king crimson 1969

posted here for israel and palestine

cheap art

here are twelve paintings that are going to be unstretched and rolled up. if anyone is interested in owning one of them, i am selling them really cheap. this is not because i don't like them, i simply have too many paintings, and these have been around for a long time. i would much rather they hang on someones wall than languish in my closet. as i said before, these prices are for unstretched, rolled up canvases. shipping is simply too high if i try to send them stretched, especially the larger ones.

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wow! only 3 left!

thank you to everyone who participated in my little fire sale! i'm so happy those paintings will have homes. my email server has been spotty today, so if anyone didn't get a response to one, let me know.