September 15th, 2001


a question for those bent on retribution.

in order to kill the people responsible for tuesday's evil acts, we are preparing to go to war. whenever someone brings up the fact that innocent civilians will be killed in the process, they are met with the rationale that it is unavoidable, although unfortunate. we are told we must have the stomach for what needs to be done. of course these are innocent afghani or iraqui citizens we are talking about, people who look and talk like osama bin satan. my question to you is, are you prepared for the innocent american and european, israeli and japanese citizens who will also die by the thousands as bin laden and his friends unleash their last gasp of terror. because unless by some miracle, we eliminate every terrorist, every cell, and every supporter at the same time, there will be a response more terrible than we can possibly imagine. these people have biological weapons, chemical weapons, and very possibly nuclear weapons. what happened tuesday is a walk in the park compared to what could happen if we go to war precipitously. we absolutely must eliminate terrorism and terrorists, but we must consider very carefully what we are doing. if you swat at a bee, you may just have a swarm to deal with before you know it.