October 13th, 2001


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made it through the land of endless lines more quickly than i expected. i got to the airport 2 1/2 hours early, but it only took about 45 minutes to get checked in and to the gate. looks like it will be longer on the way home, though. lines at portland were much longer than at phoenix. met lique at acadiabaird's house. chatted for a while, and then juliejordan got home. helped him cut 4" off his stickshift for some odd aesthetic reason, and then he and i went to his bosses house to get some wine, which we were going to share with cierrablue except she stood us up. met juliejordan's future wife, the beautiful fillipine, heir to the peugeot fortune. went and met his roommate at a gallery full of very expensive but not very impressive gicle prints of kincaid paintings. i can't believe people actually pay almost $2000 dollars for a print that cost about $5 and is part of a series of 3000. then we went and ate a lot of raw fish with wasabi, came back to his house and drank wine. about a glass and a half and i was three sheets to the wind, so i just sat and listened to music. today, i pick up my parents at the airport and we head for timberline. hopefully i get to have lunch with scottbateman on wednesday, unless he chickens out like cierrablue did. then thursday its off camping with acadiabaird, and hopefully juliejordan as well.