December 16th, 2001


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i cry so easily these days, certain types of images just let loose a flood of salt. this morning it was the work of a photographer on cbs sunday morning. pictures of bobby kennedy, yoko and sean, the clintons in 1992, the reagans, andrew wyeth.

lately i have been much more conscious of my mortality. i don't want to die. maybe someday i will want to, but now, i want to live forever no matter how frail i become. i can't understand suicide. i want to see the future.

the painting i am going to do for pageeater will be like no other i have done. i don't know if a stranger seeing it will know, but already the process is unique. slowly getting to know 13 people and watching them get to know each other. i'm not sure what precisely i will draw from each for the painting, but just the fact that i am directly inspired by each will make this piece special.

there was a frost last night. it looked like snow on the ground in my yard.

i had a great game with whorlpool this morning. i actually made him work for his victory :) once i even thought i might pull off a win.

anyone want to hike rim to rim in the Grand Canyon this spring?

evolution 6, part 12

this one hasn't generated nearly the response that previous ones have. i imagine it is my color choices. they are more muted and the contrasts don"t lend themselves as well to digital photography. the lack of response doesn't bother me, i'm just intrigued.