February 1st, 2002


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i have been having a lot of trouble with returned email. this is the message i get:

he original message was received at Thu, 31 Jan 2002 21:17:40 -0500 from []

Im sorry.... Your message was not able to be delivered due to the remote server not working as it should.

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- <yaddayadda@yahoo.com>

----- Transcript of session follows ----- <yaddayadda@yahoo.com>... Deferred: Connection refused by fallback.registeredsite.com Message could not be delivered for 1 hour Message will be deleted from queue

i called interland, who host my site and my email server. they told me it was a problem with outlook, and to remove and then setup my account again. i did that, and the problem appeared to be solved, briefly. now it is happening again. and it is not just yahoo, so don't go that route. i have also had aol and other servers returned.

has anyone else been having this difficulty?

dislexicon (http://www.robobunny.com/cgi-bin/dislexicon)

thanks to lonita via cynnerth

New Word Components Definition
1: farbelious (farbel-ious) full of or having the qualities of farbel
2: semifarbelious (semi-farbel-ious) full of or having the qualities of half or partial farbel
3: subfarbel (sub-farbel) below or under farbel
4: hematofarbel (hemato-farbel) blood farbel
5: hematofarbelite (hemato-farbel-ite) native, resident or part of blood farbel
6: farbeloid (farbel-oid) having the appearance of farbel
7: interfarbel (inter-farbel) between or in the midst of farbel
8: pneumofarbellogy (pneumo-farbel-logy) science, theory or study of air farbel
9: farbelance (farbel-ance) state or condition of farbel
10: forefarbelform (fore-farbel-form) having the form of before or in front of farbel
11: gastrofarbel (gastro-farbel) stomach of farbel
12: farbelship (farbel-ship) quality, status or skill of farbel
13: farbelory (farbel-ory) relating to or characterized by farbel
14: farbelologist (farbel-ologist) one who studies farbel
15: trifarbelgraph (tri-farbel-graph) written or used for writing three farbel
16: farbelible (farbel-ible) capable or worthy of farbel
17: farbelive (farbel-ive) performing or tending toward farbel
18: farbelmetric (farbel-metric) relating to measurement of farbel
19: farbelling (farbel-ling) one connected with farbel
20: disfarbelment (dis-farbel-ment) action or process of not farbel
21: prefarbelologist (pre-farbel-ologist) one who studies before or prior to farbel
22: farbelisation (farbel-isation) process or result of doing or making farbel
23: farbelize (farbel-ize) to cause to be or to become farbel
24: postfarbel (post-farbel) after farbel
25: farbelgraph (farbel-graph) written or used for writing farbel