May 10th, 2002


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Asparagus is filled with sulfur-containing amino acids that break down during digestion into six sulfur-containing compounds. These can impart a unique smell to urine as they are excreted.
Scientists remain divided on why people have different urinary responses to eating asparagus. One camp thinks only about half of the population have a gene enabling us to break down the sulfurous amino acids in asparagus into their smellier components. Others think that everyone digests asparagus the same way, but only about half of us have a gene that enables us to smell the specific compounds formed in the digestion of asparagus.

A recent study found that all asparagus eaters excrete the odorous methyl mercaptan; it is the ability to detect its odor that varies from person to person. The sulfur-containing amino acid methionine is suspected as the precursor in asparagus

can you imagine what people had to do for that study?

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Attitude Chicken
Sir Bob Geldof

Later on that evening when
I thought I'd had enough
I sat down in a restaurant and
Over powdered drugs
I ordered up some dew-soaked lettuce
Picked by virgin hands
Nestling on a bed of
Pearl encrusted clams
Well the waiter's name was Renee and
He told me how his aunt
Who had 47 children
And how they'd always planned
To grow the smallest vegetables in
All the kingdom's land
"They're poor," he said "but happy and
Well that's what really counts"
And every evening after
Their 20 hour day
They'd sleep content imagining
That restaurant far away
Where fat fucks in designer suits
Would order over deals
The smallest portions of these
Tiny morsels for their meals

Still the blood it clots
And the hearts get stricken
See everybody's searching for...that attitude chicken

My Porsche got stuck in traffic and
My girlfriend said get real
How dare you get me stuck here
How d'you think that made me feel
I got a Yamaha 5 Million
A bike was what I needed
With my name spelt on the number plate
Like Paul Revere on speed
Yes my girlfriend's name is Anne
But she says the K is silent
Put the H after the A or
She gets "rilly violent"
She wears designer jewels
And she's got designer clothes
Which go with her designer mouth
Eyes, ass, tits and nose

And she does another line
And she's talking finger lickin'
And that's my signal to send out for...that attitude chicken

A special breed
That fills the need
Is bred to feed
The endless greed

Yes it's poultry time
For all you little kittens
Let's get hip and do the...attitude chicken

Now when she comes she screams designer screams
At precisely the right moment
Loud enough so the neighbours hear
And think I'm really potent
She's considerate like that
Which is why I guess I love her
And by that I hope you don't think
That I am trying to smother
Her uniqueness or her freedom
To find some other lovers
And express herself sexually
In attempting to discover
The inner self that every modern woman
In the land
Has a democratic right to
Which I as modern man
Of course respect and understand
And indeed can empathise with
Appreciate, articulate
Feel for and sympathise with
And any reference I might make
To her sexually
Has been vetted and approved of
by the Women's Commissary

Still the plans get hatched
And the plots they thicken
See everybody's looking for...that attitude chicken

Neatly packaged politics
For all the little minds
it's the special interest lobby
For these multi-cultured times
The Politically Correct
Are the Nazis of our time
When it's the freedom of ideas
That makes man civilised

Let's drag out the old scapegoat
If he's still alive and kicking
And go riding off in glory for that...attitude chicken

Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble
Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck
Attitude chicken

I'd rather be a hammer than a nail

read carefully before you flame, please

the explosion of revelations about the rape and molestation of children by catholic priests has me wondering about the nature of good and evil, and what constitutes a good person.

i doubt there is anything done by humans which is more universally revolting than the abuse of innocent children. if anything can be agreed on as evil, that must be it. but is the priest who does it evil? how can you account for everything else he did in the course of his life, all the weddings, baptisms, all the spiritual counselling for his parishoners, all the lives he enriched, all the wounds he healed. of course there is no amount of good deeds which could negate the rape of a child, but conversely, does the rape of a child negate all of that? are we not talking about a good man with a demon inside him, as opposed to an evil man?

i am not arguing for forgiveness or leniency. what i am questioning is the portrayal of these men as monsters. what they did was monstrous, without doubt, and it may well be that some of them are indeed as evil as their deeds, but in most cases, i think you would find it much more complex.

however you see it, these men should be and should have been kept away from children forever, even if that means locking them up for life. the way the catholic church has handled this over the years is abhorrent. bishops and cardinals who shuffled these men around are absolutely as responsible as they, and maybe moreso, since they could control their own actions.

an aside: i think the reason this has emerged in the catholic church and not in other places of worship is that the catholic church doesn't allow congregations to choose their pastors. they are assigned from above.

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so the new york times didn't like attack of the clones. they didn't like any of the other four movies either.

remember, when star wars first came out, there had never been anything like it. remember why you liked it so much. it wasn't the plot, it was that it was that finally special effects had caught up to the imagination and suspending disbelief took a back seat to complete immersion in the fantasy.

today, commercials on tv are more realistic than the original star wars. you aren't going to experience that wonder again. if that is what you are looking for, you will be disappointed. what i am enjoying about the new movies is the fleshing out of the sparse story line of the first trilogy. of course the state of the art special effects are nice, and i am glad lucas has so much cash at his disposal, but special effects are everywhere. i enjoy watching him build his universe, just as i like watching the star trek universe expand forward and backwards in time.

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fun with polls. next time you take one, go to the address bar and mess with the numbers. you will find all sorts of weird and fun polls. take them. or don't. i enjoyed myself for a few minutes.

in other news: buddy just farted