July 3rd, 2002


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over the past year, i have completed 11 paintings, one of them a mural and one of them a chair.

three of those were over the past month since being laid off. (and i was in vermont for 10 days)

my creativity has always flowed more swiftly than my painting, causing me to leave ideas behind and avenues unexplored.

it will be interesting to see how being a full-time painter effects my work.

if anything, i have more creative energy now.

maybe i should post this in debate.

first, suppose that ADD really is a new phenomenon, not just something that was misdiagnosed when we (35 and older) were kids. i didn't know anyone with those symptoms, did you?

then, suppose that the massive consumption of antidepressants, antipsychotics, and a legion of other mind drugs is due to an actual epidemic of mental disorders, and not due to malicious marketing and overprescribing by the pharmaceutical industry or to a perceived increase in the stress of daily life.

given those two assumptions, isn't it interesting that the generations suffering from these problems are the children of the first generations to use drugs freely and in large quantities?

liberal media my ass

"warlords and troublemakers are already using the event to stir up anti-american sentiment" cbs evening news (referring to the bombing of a wedding by us planes)

warlords and troublemakers? did rumsfeld write their copy???

do you really think anti-american sentiment needs to be stirred up?