July 13th, 2002


(no subject)

ok, i'm off to donate blood now. while i'm gone, please list all the worlds greatest problems, and when i get back, i will give you simple solutions to each


i didn't say they'd be good, just simple ;)

daikan -- illiteracy blow up all TV's

sunshine_two -- hunger smaller portions, homeless smaller houses, discrimination mandatory blindfolds, lack of communication & understanding genetically engineer humans so they can't talk unless they have listened for an equal amount of time., attitude patience, etc., etc. etc. etc., etc., etc.

in2oblivion -- that there shockingly seems to be NO way to make a living on a hammock with a glass of iced tea? become a critic

carocrow -- There are eight buns and ten hotdogs. beans and weenies

lonita -- In the words of Lowest Of The Low - salesmen, cheats, and liars move them all to Yucca Mountain

masked_marvel -- poverty eliminate money, famine manditory vegitarianism, religion knowledge, global warming bigger air conditioners, corruption see poverty, racism skin dye etc. etc

paladinpoet -- hatred and selfishness love and generosity

anemone58 -- ignorance teach

kricker -- Human overpopulation. expand to the stars

occipitaldruid -- droughts (maybe not the worlds greatest, but of concern) rain dances

arachne -- organised religion education

sara_wolfe -- SNAILS! escargot!

zindii -- CHAIN LINK FENCES bolt cutters

vyoma -- entropy big bang #2

papoose -- overpopulation more wars

ldy -- Fear. trust

perpetualmotion -- Stupidity make Darwinian Theory a law