July 30th, 2002


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in light of the recent Navy decision to deploy an ultra-loud sonar which is deadly to marine mammals, closely followed by two days of successive beachings by pilot whales in Massachussetts. this song is on my mind.

don't kill the Whale
Yes from the album Tormato

You're first I'm last
You're thirst I'm asked to justify
Killing our last heaven beast
Don't hunt the whale

In beauty Vision
Do we Offer much
If we reason with destiny, gonna lose our touch
Don't kill the whale

Rejoice They sing
They worship their own space
In a moment of love, they will die for their grace
Don't kill the whale

If time will allow
We will judge all who came
In the wake of our new age to stand for the frail
Don't kill the whale

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first sporting goods store:

me: i can't believe you guys are a sporting goods store and don't have a bike rack.

clerk: blank stare

me: do you have any sandals that aren't made by slaves?

clerk: those chacos are made in colorado

me: oh. trendy, but too lightweight for anything but driving.

shoe store:

clerk: can i help you sir?

me: i need hiking sandals.

clerk: i've never even heard of them. *turns and walks away*

second sports store (also no bike rack):

me: do you have any sandals that aren't made by slaves?

clerk: embarrassed stare at own feet.

me: you might mention that people like me would pay more for them.

redwing store: the gay, tattooed, and pierced clerk (i wonder what all the construction workers buying redwings think of him?) is extremely helpful and searches both the yellow pages and the internet until he finds me a store in the mall of all places that sells sandals by birkenstock, ecco, and doc martin. got some eccos for $100. made in portugal. quite comfy.