September 16th, 2002


tomorrow morning's playlist

With the Indians Permanent - David J 2:50
(fades fast)

Beautiful - India Arie 4:09
(careful! next song starts immediately!)

she is beautiful, her music is beautiful, and that song is named beautiful. that was India Arie, from her recent release, Acoustic Soul. before that, we heard a piece from David J, formerly of Bauhaus, called with the Indians Permanent. you are listening to community radio KXCI, at 91.3 FM


River of Dreams - Billy Joel 4:06
(fades from 3:45 on - crossfade)

Death of a Train - Daniel Lanois 5:44
(long note at 5:37 - crossfade)

Watching TV - Roger Waters 6:09
(go a couple of seconds into track 12 - past voice)

there is music for the body and music for the mind. that was definitely the latter, Roger Waters Watching TV. before that, Death of a Train from Daniel Lanois and Billy Joel's River of Dreams.


the critics haven't been kind to Mick Jagger's solo work, but i think that is because they are looking for more of the same old Rolling Stones. mick has more depth than you may think. check this out.

War Baby - Mick Jagger 6:40 (gone at 6:32)

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