October 24th, 2002


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what should people do?

"They should change the part of the American psyche that at this point is almost congenital. The arrogant me-me-me-me, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, every man for himself. The guy at the end of the movie who's wearing the baseball capthat says FUCK EVERYBODY? That is the American mentality. If you put the guns away, if you had heavy gun-control laws, but you still had the fuck-everybody attitude? There would still be a way to fuck people over. And there would still be state-sponsored violence and terrorism, against the poor and around the world."

Michael Moore, in Rolling Stone this month

if you read carefully, you noticed that what he is saying is "guns don't kill people, people do." in essence, the gun lobby is absolutely correct on that point. canada has lots of guns. i believe a larger percentage of canadian households have guns than do US households. but they haven't got the massive homicide problems we do here in the states. it's all about what moore calls that fuck you attitude. step over to debate for a few minutes if you want to see it in full bloom.

edit here are the actual statistics. still quite illuminating.