November 22nd, 2003


the inevitable failure of the chemical solution

arizona is home to a lot of ants. left to themselves, they can infest a house or destroy all the vegetation in a yard. since i moved in, i have been keeping tham in check with "many purpose dust" sprinkled around their holes. they "all" die within a day or so and don't re-emerge for weeks. evidently, i have hastened evolution and the survivors of my dustings have bred a resistant strain.

buddy sez

WOOF! dave and nicole got me a brother! his name is brindle, and he's really cool! he used to live on the rez, whatever that is, and he's almost the same size as me so i don't have to act all mean and stuff. so far we have run around in circles and sniffed each other's butts and peed and pooped! WOOF!

ps: we kissed too, but don't tell anyone, ok?