July 11th, 2004



had a date last night. it was nice. going very slow. i'm not ready yet. it was still nice, though. we saw king arthur, had dinner, and then hung out at the coffee shop for a while just talking politics and relationships. she's 40, divorced with a kid, a smart, very pretty redhead, and i knew her a long time ago when i was dating her best friend. she told me last night that the reason her best friend asked me out was that she was about to. here's to second chances.

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It's interesting how everyone is harping on the discussions they are having about possibly postponing the election if there is another large terrorist attack at that time. It seems to me that it was very reasonable for New York to postpone the primaries that were going to happen on 9-11, and if we had a similar attack, it would be very appropriate to postpone the national election. Really people, it's not some nefarious plot to create a bush dictatorship. It's very much up in the air just whom such an attack would help, if anyone. I also find it interesting that the people who think the Bush administration would suspend elections to keep Kerry out of office are the same ones who go on all day about how there isn't any difference between the two. If there's no difference between the two, why are republicans so terrified of a Kerry presidency?