July 23rd, 2004


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Newsweek reports that:

President Bush, appearing before a right-to-life rally in Tampa, Florida on
June 17,
stated: "We must always remember that all human beings begin life as a
A feces is a living being in the eyes of God, who has endowed that feces
with all of the rights and God-given blessings of any other human being."

The audience listened in disbelief as the President repeated his error at
least a dozen times, before realizing that he had used the word 'feces"
when he meant to say "fetus."

EDIT: it's not real. the sad thing is, i never considered that, knowing that he has said so many things equally stupid.

costa rica here i come!

i just got the perfect thing for my trip. it is a carryon sized travel bag, complete with extendable handle and wheels, plus there is a zipper pouch which opens to reveal backpack straps. slick! and only 50 bucks!

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i really love the getting-to-know-you stages of a new relationship, especially when all the things i am discovering are positive. i'm comfortable but energized, a little afraid but anticipating like crazy, and feeling very much alive.