November 4th, 2004


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update on the livejournal image pages. evidently brad & co have done something to jam their signal. they are all stuck on november 1st.

two interesting pieces of mail today

one was a statement from a brokerage company where i invested and mostly lost a few hundred dollars at the end of the tech boom. my balance is $0.08, up $0.02 from the level where it has remained for several years and three brokerage buyouts/mergers and name changes. i get one every month. if they would do it once a year and invest the rest of the postage in my account, i'd have a nice sum in a few years.

the other one is even better. not only does smells farto send me a balance statement every month (it is $0.00 and has been for 3 months or so), but they just offered me $1000 worth of free life insurance just for having an acount.
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