November 13th, 2004

tree painting

i want to start a meme

i's art meme

make a 5-10 minute abstract drawing, scan it, and post it as a response here. i will print it, work on it 5-10 minutes and then respond back. we'll continue until we both agree it's finished.
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why are we wasting so much political capital (new catch phrase) on ANWR? yes, it's symbolic of the excesses of the current administration, blah blah blah. look, the damage it will do is minimal. we have had a pipeline across alaska for decades now. wildlife hasn't been dying off, migration patterns haven't changed, all it does is look ugly if you happen to be in the vicinity. that's what this operation will amount to.

we need to be focusing our energies on global warming. this is a potential GLOBAL CATASTROPHE, exponentially more important than a potential oil spill in alaska. we have so many little distractions. a wild flower here, a squirrel there, a subspecies of frog over there. all they do is serve to dilute our effectiveness. we are distracted in our backyards while corporatism is destroying the whole damn planet. forget the symptoms, fight the cause!