i (i) wrote,

cheap art

here are twelve paintings that are going to be unstretched and rolled up. if anyone is interested in owning one of them, i am selling them really cheap. this is not because i don't like them, i simply have too many paintings, and these have been around for a long time. i would much rather they hang on someones wall than languish in my closet. as i said before, these prices are for unstretched, rolled up canvases. shipping is simply too high if i try to send them stretched, especially the larger ones.

37x40 $125

34x24 sold

24x36 sold

7.5x45 sold

30x48 sold

30x48 sold

36x48 $150

24x36 sold

9x36 sold

63x43 sold

84x36 sold

60x30 $200

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