May 16th, 2005


the empress's new clothes.

this lady was back at the coffee shop today, only this time she came strolling across the street stark naked, with her clothes under one arm. as she walked by the customers, who were wearing expressions alternating between amusement and pity, she snatched at her breast, loudly proclaiming "me! me!". then, after she had passed, she turned and said emphatically, "you didn't see that disappear, and there weren't any clothes in it!" she walked down a couple of doors and stood around until a couple of bicycle cops showed up with adolescent smirks. by the time they got there, she had dressed, sort of. she had her pants wrapped around her breasts and her shirt tied around her waist. they got her to dress properly, and when i left 20 minutes later, they were still standing around chatting with a couple of business owners and two more cops who had shown up, while she sat on the sidewalk.

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"On May 9th a ban on Pitbull and Pitbull type dogs went back into effect in Denver County, Colorado. Owners had 30 days to remove their dogs from the city or face penalties that include, among other things, the dog being seized and possibly euthanized. Last week Animal Control began going to the homes of registered Pitbull owners and requiring the dogs be surrendered. Some were scheduled for euthanization, others were being held while the owners attempted to find homes outside Denver. Colorado shelters can only hold so many dogs and the City doesn't seem very cooperative about adopting the dogs out of state." ratspike is selling a wonderful photograph to help with the cost of maintaining all of these dogs.

please have a look