May 22nd, 2005


about lj cuts

when i first started my website, most people wouldn't go to it because it took so long to load. at the time, only a few people had broadband. i could have reduced the quality and size of the images, but i decided not to. after all, it was my site. now almost everyone has broadband, so it isn't an issue.

every now and then a post apppears on my friends page about lj-cuts. sometimes it is one of the few people still on dialup who doesn't like their friends page taking so long to load. sometimes it is someone who doesn't like to have to scroll past a long post or a lot of images. (we all know how that causes carpal tunnel syndrome). sometimes it is one of my longest and closest friends on lj.

well sorry guys. i feel for you, at least with the loading time issue, but this is my journal. it comes with a lot of images and the occasional long rant. i simply don't want to cut them.

is it so much to ask, you say? no more than my asking you to filter my journal out of your friends page if it bugs you. or drop me if you really must. if you don't want to see my photos or read my longer posts, you shouldn't have me on your list. i already accomodate people by making my images smaller than i would like so you don't have to scrool side to side, but that's as far as i am going to go.

i have no sympathy for someone who just can't be bothered to scroll down. come on, if that's bugging you, get outside and take a walk.

EDIT: scottobear just pointed out to me that you can go to your edit info page and set your friends page to show placeholders instead of images. you can even set it so that only large images are shown as placeholders.