October 15th, 2005


Da Lat, day whatever

a breath of fresh air after too much city, Da Lat is a former French resort town in the highlands of central Viet Nam. temperatures here are probably like Tucson will be in a month or so. we did another moto tour today, visited a bunch of stuff, took a bunch of pictures. you'll get to see them :) i think i've seen about enough pagodas and temples for a while (not including the ancient ones at angkor, of course). at the one we visited today, i mostly just walked around admiring the beautiful wood carvings and the best bonsai trees i have ever seen. not the hokey ones you buy in the states, these were representative of years of work. not possible to capture on camera, so i didn't even try. we also went to what they call a "minority village". i'm still not quite clear what minority means. the people there used to speak a different language, i guess, until they were assimilated. now they are a quaint tourist attraction. i bought a wallet made from some of their wonderful hand woven fabric, and took a few pictures of the cutest kids on earth :) tomorrow we get on a bus for saigon, probably just for a day, and then phnom phen, again for a day (oh, for more time!). then, angkor for three days and home.