October 19th, 2005


cambodia is...

cambodia is: people literally living and starving in the streets while a few eat in five star restaurants and gamble in casinos.

cambodia is: most people walking, some riding ancient motos, and a few driving lexuses, camrys, and *gag* hummers.

cambodia is: gates and razor wire between the classes.

cambodia is: people scavenging food out of the filthy river they also bathe and wash their clothes in.

cambodia is: a country with a rich, beautiful, and unique cultural history that is only marginally preserved. (some 70% of the $40 i will pay to get into angkor tomorrow goes to an international consortium. only 10% goes to preservation. the rest goes into the black hole of government beaurocracy and corruption)

cambodia is: what i suspect viet nam would have become if the US had won the war.

cambodia is: what the US might be in 50 years or less.