November 25th, 2005


buy nothing today

today is the day when naive lefties and self styled anarchists everywhere will be bugging you not to shop, claiming that we can deal a severe blow to walmart and whomever by not buying crap today.

this is total bullsplat.

all you people who don't buy something today either bought it yesterday or will buy it tomorrow.

walmart doesn't care.

if you really, honestly, want to make them hurt, take the money you would have spent there and spend it at a local business, or, even better, don't spend it at all, period. save it. what a concept.
don't buy useless christmas presents for people out of obligation. don't put stupid lights all over your house and a plastic santa on the roof. don't do or buy any of the crap they market to you from now until january.

that will have an effect.

putting off your purchases for a day is empty symbolism.