March 18th, 2006


(no subject)

remember cowboy? the homeless guy who got my jacket and helped me move the tree? well he's been coming back. first time he wanted work around the place. i told him honestly that i didn't have any money to pay him and that i was worried about even making my mortgage. today he came back again and offered to give me back the three bucks i gave him the other day to "help with my mortgage". i said no thanks, that i had had enough work to pay all the bills, which is true. then he told me how much he gets from the VA every month and offered to help me pay the mortgage if i let him sleep in my yard...

no, i am not going to do this. i don't know the guy. i have two dogs, i don't need the help, and i don't want a "roommate", especially one who spends every waking moment drunk. i told him all this. then he offered to buy a tank of gas for my grill and two steaks if we could barbecue.

i have trouble with situations like this, because my instinct is to trust and believe, but my experience tells me i am getting scammed. so i said no thanks, as politely as i could.

i was really nice to this guy all the way through, and not judgemental, just honest. so why do i feel like an asshole?