August 26th, 2006


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well, that was the most expensive hike i've ever been on. i fell into the water carrying my $800 camera and additional $200 lens. they don't work and may or may not be salvageable after they dry for a week or two. my $300 phone was in my pocket. it is toast, along with all my numbers. if i had yours, email it to me please! as i was ripping the camera bag off my head to try to save it, my glasses came off into 8 feet of murky water. i found them after 20 minutes of diving. i bought a new, much cheaper phone, and the new model of the same camera, which now costs only $700 and comes with a telephoto lens. hopefully the macro lens will be ok after it dries, and if the other camera works, i can sell it for $500 or so... ugh