September 21st, 2006


fun and games with the arizona legislature

a whole slew of gun laws passed today. my favorite two:

1 - if you are shot by a hunter, you can now be charged with a misdemeanor for being in his line of fire. (i imagine dick cheney will be spending a lot of vacation time here.)

2 - it is now illegal to make any loud noises near a hunter who is about to shoot. (such as shouting "dick, it's me, it's me! don't shoot!")

this stuff is really good. at least go look!

Hilltop is selling his fractal images. He's got prints, and tiles/coasters/boxes and calendars through cafepress, and Adopt-A-Snowflake tiles.


Calendar madness!

Coasters and framed tiles and boxes, oh my!

He's putting one of a kind fractal snowflakes and stars onto boxes now.