November 12th, 2007


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i was playing with the wayback machine and came across this post

the main reason i was playing was to look at my early friends list. i wonder what happened to some of those people? some i know were so furious at me over my comments post 9-11 that they stomped off (i wonder if they feel differently about bush et al now). others just drifted away or i drifted from them.

anyway, its interesting to look back 7 years.

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"Thunder rolling down out of dried-up skies
Every inch of earth crying out for water
Television man spelling out the price
Everywhere the sheep creeping the slaughter
Cold weather coming, people feel the fire
Living on Dead End Street with no desire

Is it any wonder you've got no power
When you pay a thief to keep it for you?
Is it a surprise that your wine is sour
When you let a liar choose the brew he pours you?
Talk on the wire about force and choice
It's uncomfortable to raise your voice "

excerpted from the 1977 song "listen now" by phil manzanera