December 10th, 2007


(no subject)

i'm getting lasik surgery tomorrow. it will completely correct my distance vision, but not my close vision. they could improve that, but not all the way, and at a cost of poor night vision, so i'll need reading glasses. still, a huge change for the better from where i am now.

i won't be on the computer for tomorrow and most of wednesday. thursday i'm going to take the train to simla for two or three days, and then back here for a followup with the doctor and then i am out of dehli until the end of the trip. i may go to goa, hampi, and northern rajastan, but it's all fluid at this point.

there's a sikh festival going on down the street. my tuktuk driver recommended against going to check it out. i'm not sure whether to take him seriously. he was talking about bombs and the like. maybe i should beleive him, just in case...